Thursday’s Dog: Bella

Thursday’s featured Dog of the Day is Bella, a rescue who comes to us from Henderson, NV.

Rescue Story of Bella courtesy of Patty W

We’d just lost our first Aussie mix rescue to old age and my husband was hit hard. He said he was going to need some time to recover. After a few weeks, I was searching on the internet and I found a sweet looking Aussie mix at a local rescue. I emailed them late Friday to see where or if she could be seen. The next day, I took a shot and went to the place I knew they brought animals on Saturdays. I walked down the line of crates, looking for the Aussie I’d seen in the picture. In the next to the last crate I found her. She was so scared and so quiet, lying with her head on the ground. As the attendant got her out of the crate for me, he told me she had been found on the street in a neighboring state and taken to a kill shelter. That shelter posted her info so any Aussie rescue interested could come get her. She had been labeled as ‘aggressive’. My local rescue had saved her life.

They figured she was about a year old. It was obvious she had been abused; she was scared of everything. She wasn’t aggressive, she was terrified! Walking with her was not easy, so I sat down with her. I texted her picture to my husband saying, “I’m bringing her home, I can’t leave her here”. When we got to the house she sat by my side, jumping at every sound. When my husband walked in, it was love at first sight for them both. This dog followed him into his office and for the first two weeks she was only comfortable under his desk. It took about a month for her to wag her tail! It’s been a year now, she has changed so much. Still shy around people, she wags her tail all the time and is our precious Bella. Funny thing, on the Monday after I adopted her I got a response from the rescue saying, “We are so sorry she was adopted on Saturday”. I replied, “I know, I’m the lucky one who got her”.

Patty W
Henderson, NV

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