Thursday’s Cat: Buttercup

Even though Jessie was in a tough spot financially, after learning of abandoned cat Buttercup’s paw injury, she new she couldn’t leave her on the street. Thanks to Jessie’s love and care, Buttercup survived and is now a beloved member of the family. Way to go, Jessie! Buttercup is today’s Cat of the Day!

Read her heartwarming story


This little girl was found hanging around our apartment complex. At first I thought she belonged to one of my neighbors, seeing as she was friendly and wasn’t shy around people. Then I realized a few of my neighbors were leaving food and water out for her and that was why she stayed around. After petting her every time I left my apartment and having one neighbor tell me I should keep her I realized she didn’t actually have a home as I’d previously thought. I knew our apartment was kind of small and we didn’t have much money to afford a second cat, so I kept saying no, we can’t take her in.

Seeing her day after day melted my heart and I convinced my boyfriend we had to have her. The first time I let her in, our cat Shmutzy attacked her pretty viciously, to the point I said forget it, we can’t take her in. However, a little while later I noticed she had an injured paw from what we assumed was an attack from another cat and the forecast was calling for heavy rain for a week, I knew I couldn’t let her stay outside in her condition.

We ended up taking her to the veterinarian where they said she would most likely have to have her paw amputated. Despite facing huge vet bills we knew we couldn’t just give up on this sweet girl. A month in the cone and 4 vet trips later we had a happy healthy, non amputated little girl who now had her forever home. And on the plus side, she and our cat Shmutzy get along famously now!

Myrtle Beach, SC
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