Thursday’s Cat: Alfie

Alfie was an unexpected addition to Lorraine’s big household, but he quickly became a beloved member of the family. And he’s Thursday’s Cat of the Day!

Read his heartwarming rescue story.


We had three cats, all rescues, with no plans for another. The newest one was a tiny kitten “adopted” from a co-worker when a stray had 7 kittens under her deck. All three girls were getting along fine. They were all rescues, and all beautiful, with distinct personalities and looks.

My husband and I had an agreement that IF we ever got another cat, it too would be a girl.

I sent him to PetSmart to buy a new litter box for the little one, Sophie. A couple of hours later, he came home with a tiny orange tabby, a boy kitty named Atlas that he had adopted there from the Humane Society. He started to sneeze on the way home and promptly spread his cold to all his sisters. They offered to take him back, but of course, once he entered the house, that was not an option! We called him Alfie, after I picked him up and looked into his bewildered eyes and said, “What’s it all about … Alfie?!”

He is the best boy. Certainly the best behaved of our clan. He’s mellow and beautiful and obviously from his picture, very tolerant. The dynamics changed, with more squabbles than before, but Alfie never starts them. He bonded with the other baby though and they really love each other. He uses his scratching post – vigorously – and his litter box, cleaning up not only after himself, but the others as well (he’s a little OCD I think). He’s soft as silk and so sweet. We love him so much and can’t imagine life without him. My husband even managed to get out of the doghouse for bringing home a second kitten after we got to know Alf!

Adopt a pet, or two or three. They will steal your heart and make you happy every day!

Omaha, NE

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