Three-Legged Dog Walks Upright Like A Human

Dogs are incredibly adaptive. They will adjust to almost any situation, including any health issues that they may have.

When a dog has to undergo an amputation or some other major change to their body, they always manage to find a way to get past the challenges. But what is most inspiring is how they always manage to do it with sunny optimism.

There is one dog living in Ouray, Colorado who has really adjusted to life despite all the trauma he has experienced. Dexter is a very happy, very confident pooch who has been living life on three legs. His owner shares his life with the world on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram/dexterdogouray

While the 6-year-old Brittany spaniel might only have three legs he struts his stuff in quite a unique way – by walking on his two back legs.

Photo: Instgram/dexterdogouray

Dexter’s new strut is a result of a horrible accident he had back in 2016. When Dexter was only a puppy he was hit by a truck. This resulted in massive damage to both his front legs and he ended up having to have one amputated.

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While he recovered from his accident, he taught himself to walk again in a unique fashion. It is truly heartwarming to see him still have the same enjoyment of life despite all he’s been through.

Photo: Instagram/dexterdogouray

On one Instagram post, he said, “Taught myself to walk again after my accident, … I love squirrels, chasing chipmunks, not the cone of shame, my family, rabbits who live under the porch, mountains of Colorado, and walking on my back legs!”

Watch the videos below:

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