Puppy And Human Argue About Waking Up And It’s Pretty Clear Who Won!

NO one likes waking up. No one. And when you’re someone with a lot of energy who spends their day running around being adorable, you need to crash a little harder than most.

Animals like Thor need a great deal of sleep since they are still growing. And boy, do Great Danes grow!

We’ve all been a little jealous of our animals, without a doubt, because they get to sleep way more than we do. Sadly for some of them, they have alarm clocks too, they just come in human form! Too bad humans don’t have a snooze button, no matter how hard they try to act like we do! LOL!

Thor spends a lot of energy growing and needs extra sleep. His human doesn’t always agree. This little “tiff” is adorable. Look at how big Thor’s paws are! My goodness! He has big paws to fill and with all that growing, who can blame him for being so tired?! I know I can’t!

Thor, I love you!

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