Thor The Pit Bull is a Secret Superhero! Find Out His Life-Saving Skill

When Danielle Zuckerman adopted Thor, a gentle, well-behaved pit bull, she had no idea he’d soon change her life.

After only a few days in her home, the otherwise quiet dog jumped into Danielle’s lap — seemingly out of the blue — and start barking to get her attention. Several minutes later, Danielle had an epileptic seizure, a condition she’s been living with after a spinal cord injury.

And it wasn’t a one-time event; it happened again and again. Each time Danielle was on the brink of a seizure, Thor somehow knew it was coming.

She later learned from her doctor that before a seizure, her body releases hormones that go unnoticed by humans, but not by dogs. In just two months, Thor has alerted Zuckerman to eight seizures, giving her the time she needs to take medication and get herself in a safe environment. The impact has been life-changing.

“I feel so much more comfortable, going out in public and going to do things, because when you’re an epileptic, you don’t have control over your own body,” Zuckerman said in an interview with CBS Sacramento.

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