Beautiful Belgian Bengal Takes Internet by Storm

What’s orange and black and all over the internet?

Pictures of Thor, a cat from Kortenberg, Belgium, with remarkably unique fur markings, have been spreading across cyberspace with the veracity of a cheetah. And while 3-year-old Thor may look like a miniature, domesticated version of the wild leopard, this kitty is quite housebroken.

Bengal cats come from breeding a domesticated cat and an Asian leopard cat, a species slowly coming back from near extinction. They are greatly sought after for their attractive fur, but when less than four generations removed from their wild ancestors, can make poor house pets.

Ranging in color from silver to blazing orange, Bengal cats typically sport a combination of tiger-like stripes and tri-color rosettes like a leopard’s. And Thor’s owner, Rani Cucicov, is quite proud of her feline’s fascinating fur.

“Bengals are not so very common like normal house cats,” she said. “In our neighborhood, everyone that saw Thor for the first time was surprised because they never saw anything like him.”

Cucicov warns others that Bengal cats, along with being hard to find, require a great amount of care and tolerance. They’re not everyone’s ideal pet, and as those who do have a pet Bengal can attest, they make their authority known.

it’s clear who the real boss is

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