This Doggy Needed Hugs, Not Drugs! This is the Incredible Story of Elli, Who Overcame Abuse to Join Her New Loving Family!

My amazing sister is a pediatric critical care nurse who works nights at her client’s home. The family of the little girl she was taking care of often talked about the group of guys living next door and their brindle-Rhodesian ridge-back mix dog. The neighbors were drug addicts who would inject their dog with heroin to see how it would behave. The dog was often beaten and kicked as well as given whatever drugs the group of guys were on as a way to entertain themselves. After listening to these stories for a few weeks, my sister, who gets off work in the wee hours of the morning, drove past the neighbor’s house; saw the too thin, cowering dog; offered it a hotdog she brought for this exact purpose; and got the dog into her car.

My sister kept Elli for six months until Elli learned to trust again and know she was okay. I am a single mom of ten-year-old triplets who are all on the autism spectrum; my sister let Elli stay with us while she was out-of-state visiting her children. Elli changed my children’s lives by loving them, as only a dog can, and we asked my sister if Elli could live with us as her forever home. Thank goodness she said yes!

My children are more outgoing, communicate better, and certainly love Elli with all their heart. Elli has been with us now for almost three years, and we all continue to heal together. Elli has a tender, sweet heart, and our lives are so rich because of her.

I don’t recommend taking someone’s animal; however, I do believe we should treat every living thing the way we would like to be treated ourselves.

Anonymous, Littleton, CO
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