This Bird Really Wants to Play With a Cat

If you have siblings, you can probably identify with Leila the cat. She tried to take a nap and catch some shut eye when Arc-En-Ciel the troll dove decided it was time to play. Watch this video to see the cute pals interact.

It’s not often that a cat will play with a bird and not try to eat it. This is a very Sylvester and Tweety situation!

Leila often lets Arc-en-ciel perch on her and gently peck at little morsels in her fur. They even play, the cat pawing at the bird while it hops about. On the videos of the pair the owner writes that they are friends but they are always supervised.

According to DovePage, doves are often called pigeons, and the other way around, but Arc-En-Ciel is not a pigeon like one you’d see out on the street. He is a troll dove. Unlike most other seed-eating birds, doves eat the entire seed whole without shelling it. That makes it easy for dove owners to see how much seed is left in the bird’s food dish. And it makes less of a mess, as all those husks aren’t lying on the bottom of the cage or about the room. Most doves need a source of warmth when it gets cold out, so a lot of owners provide them with their own heaters placed near their cage. These birds do not build nests like the tightly-woven kind you might find in a tree outside. Their nests are more thrown together and require a nesting box to keep the structure together. Some bird owners put bands around one of their dove’s legs in order to identify it. Birds that have been banded can be placed in a database in case they ever get loose and need to be returned to their owners.

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