For 13 Abandoned Hounds, Life This Far Has Been Anything But Lucky

Thirteen hounds were left all alone, abandoned by the people who were responsible for these precious dogs. Their job was to love and nurture them, but they turned their backs on them. AWFUL! Thankfully, neighbors heard their cries and brought them food and water and called for help. WA2S Films was on the scene to watch the whole rescue unfold.


Terri Sumpter and her team of rescue angels arrive at the property. The hound family was so relieved to see them, knowing they were now in better hands.

It was believed to be a breeding operation but thankfully these dogs no longer have to worry about these horrible conditions or being forced to breed for profit. They can now go on and be dogs! Live the lives they should be living, as spoiled and loved companions.


All the hounds were brought in to be evaluated and then placed with foster families. These beautiful dogs will never go hungry or thirsty again!

To see more on the foster families, check this video out. It’s about one of the families who go above and beyond what’s expected of them. I guess some people born with big hearts, who have a soft spot for dogs, just can’t help but be pawsome. Are you one of those people too?

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