Does Your Dog Have a Parrot Mouth? Here’s What You Can Do About It

Having a parrot mouth is no joke for your dog. It can cause him pain and discomfort due to gum injuries and other dental problems. It can also make him miss the right amount of nutrients that he should be consuming every day, causing his health to further deteriorate.

A dog’s parrot mouth is also called an overbite or overshot jaw. Other people may also refer to this genetic condition as an overjet, class 2 malocclusion, or mandibular brachygnathism.

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Your dog’s misaligned teeth make it difficult for him to eat like normal dogs. This is why he may suffer from undernutrition. What’s more, his lower canine teeth may be striking the roof of his mouth, which can cause your dog a lot of pain.

But there are 10 things you can do to help your dog’s overbite and improve the quality of his life according to PetHelpful:

  1. Get your dog a special bowl that’s wider, deeper, and with more stability to make it easier for your dog to eat and breathe during mealtime.
  2. You can also offer your dog softer food to facilitate eating and digestion. You can soak kibble in warm broth to make the meal softer and more delicious. You may also buy nutrient-rich food that’s been formulated for dogs with an overbite. But always make sure that every food you give to your dog is free of chunks. You can easily mash chunky food with a fork before feeding.
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  4. Ball therapy is an effective means to correct the misalignment of your dog’s teeth. Since dogs like playing with balls, it’s easy to introduce this type of treatment to your pet. However, you must choose a ball that has a stronger resistance than a tennis ball. It must also be the right size for your dog in order for this therapy to work. By biting the ball, your dog’s developing canine teeth will be guided to a more proper position.
  5. Proper oral hygiene is among the best things you can do to ease the situation of your dog. First, you must have the necessary dental items, such as a toothbrush, gel, or spray. Second, make toothbrushing a routine to fight against plaque build-up and tartar.
  6. In addition to proper oral hygiene, investing in professional dental cleaning will further help your dog. A canine dentist can completely clean up your dog’s teeth and remove remaining plaque and tartar that aggravate an overbite. Moreover, he can also advise if your dog needs dental treatment depending on the severity of its parrot mouth.
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  8. Your veterinarian can also come up with a treatment plan for your dog, if necessary. It may include the removal of lower canines and incisors if your pet is still a puppy to give way to jaw development and eliminate the pain and discomfort of having an overbite. An orthodontic toll or incline plane may also be advised in order to tip the tooth outward. Palate contact can also be eliminated by reduction of the crown.
  9. Orthodontic procedures is another option for a severe case of overbite. Braces, spacers, and other orthodontic devices can help in correcting an overbite.
  10. You can likewise discuss with your vet if a jaw-stabilizing muzzle can help your dog’s condition. This device is usually used by vets during dental cleaning and examinations to stabilize the jaw.
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  12. Make sure that you take your dog for regular check-ups so you’ll know if your pet’s having other health issues and if these require treatment. This is especially important for dogs with an overbite in order to prevent further damage that the condition may cause.
  13. Go for peer support and learn from other pet owners about how they effectively deal with their dogs’ overbites. There are also local animal rescue groups who can offer you practical advice. Seek out friends from people who really care, and it will help you and your dog lead a happier and more comfortable life together.

Most dogs with a parrot mouth or an overbite don’t need professional intervention. Proper oral hygiene, the right diet, and other appropriate practices often help a lot in easing a dog’s situation. It’s only when the condition is severe in such a way that it causes your dog pain and suffering that professional treatment becomes necessary. But there’s always hope that your dog can live with joy and happiness, and that’s because of your love and devotion to your pet.

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