Therapy Dogs Are Going Beyond Hospitals to Help

Have you ever noticed that your dog is able to sense when you are upset and always seems able to comfort you with its unconditional love? So have researchers that are exploring the emotional connection between people and dogs. As the benefits are becoming more evident, hospitals, schools and correctional facilities are allowing trained therapy dogs to be brought in and offer the emotional support and comfort that people who are hurting need. However, there is a new group of people who undergo an immense amount of stress and emotional duress that are benefiting from therapy dogs.

Two Bernese mountain dogs, Boo and Elliot, have been paying visits to the men and women battling wildfires at the Whiskey Complex in Oregon's Douglas County. The dogs visited the firefighters at their camps over a series of days to provide comfort in the way that only man's best friend can. Firefighters pet the dogs, hugged them, cried and absorbed the healing presence of the dogs. Their silent contentedness with life brings people exposed to high levels of stress, like those battling wildfires, a sense of serenity that can alleviate the emotional drain caused by their jobs.

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