A Pit Bull Leads His Human To An Abandoned Puppy Struggling To Survive

Imagine taking your dog for a routine walk when suddenly he begins to pull you toward something. Normally, your dog walks the same route every evening but something is changing his direction. Something is up and you have no idea what it is! Suddenly, you spot him! A tiny puppy lying there in obvious distress.

This actually happened to a New Jersey man and his dog, a sweet Pit Bull with a keen nose and that keen sense that told him someone was in trouble. In the nick of time, the puppy was rescued by the man and his dog, and was later taken in by Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs.

Now named Theo, this pup has a long road ahead of him. He suffered from blunt force trauma to his head (WHO COULD DO SUCH A THING?!) which caused his brain to swell.

It was touch and go at first but slowly, Theo is making progress. What a little fighter!

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