This Couple Is Putting Their Wedding Plans On Hold To Search For An Important Family Member

California residents Trendee King and James Galley were busy working on their upcoming wedding plans, when their beloved dog Theo went missing.

According to SF Gate, King was shopping for her wedding dress with her family, when she received the devastating phone call: her Brussels Griffon had slipped out the door while under the care of a dog sitter.

Courtesy: Trendee King
Courtesy: Trendee King

When King returned home from shopping, Theo was still nowhere to be found. King and Galley have dedicated everything to finding their furry best friend, including spending thousands on missing posters, a pet detective and a $3,500 reward offer.

“We scoured the streets for hours the first night. We have posted over 800 bright yellow flyers all over San Jose and surrounding cities. We have posted giant white boards and tarps at all freeway exits and on ramps. We have had bloodhounds,” King told SF Gate.

The couple is also taking on stress of postponing their wedding as well; adamant that they will not get married until Theo is found.

Credit: Trendee King
Credit: Trendee King

“There’s no way I can plan a wedding right now. I have to find my dog,” King told SF Gate. “Part of my family is missing and there’s no way I can plan a wedding right now.”

After a strenuous two weeks of searching for Theo, the couple is still optimistic about finding their pet, spreading the news about Theo’s disappearance across California and social media.

If you have any information on Theo’s whereabouts, or, if you see the dog, call (310) 663-2652. King and her fiancé are offering $3,500 for a reunion with their pup, no questions asked. We hope Theo is found so they can truly become one happy family again!

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Credit: Trendee King
Credit: Trendee King
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