Slaughter Should Never Be An Option For Wild Or Domestic Horses

Every year over 150,000 horses and burros are sent to slaughter. While the United States does not have operating slaughter houses, hundreds of thousands of US horses are being sent to Mexico and Canada for slaughter.

Instead of being viewed as the gentle and graceful creatures they are – they are simply viewed as price per pound. Older horses that have been loyal companions are deemed no longer “useful” and sent to a horrific death, alongside wild horses of all ages.

A horse is slaughtered every 4 minutes for dinner plates in foreign markets. Kill buyers attend auctions and purchase horses with the intent of sending them to their deaths. The horses are crammed into large stock-like trailers on their last ride to the slaughter house.

More and more people are taking a stand for horses. Horses embody what we all long for: freedom, beauty and grace. They deserve to be treated with respect and not as something to eat.

Photo: Facebook/The Humane Society of the United States – Equine Protection

Recently, a safeguard was reinstated by the Bureau of Land Management to help protect the wild horses and burros from being bought by kill buyers. The safeguard was first instated in 2014, which only allows one person or organization to purchase four wild horses over a six-month period. It was in place until last year, when “the Trump administration scrapped the 2014 policy and put in place a new sales policy that allowed 25 horses to be purchased at a time, with no time limit between the purchases,” stated The Humane Society Of The United States (HSUS).

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Kitty Block, CEO of the HSUS, said, “In a major victory for our campaign to protect wild horses and burros, the United States this week reinstated important safeguards that will prevent unscrupulous kill buyers from purchasing large numbers of these iconic American animals and funneling them to slaughter abroad.”

Photo: Facebook/The Humane Society of the United States – Equine Protection

While this is a major win, wild and domestic horses are still at risk. Passing the SAFE Act is the only way to be sure horses and burros are not slaughtered. The act “will end the transport of wild and domestic American horses, burros and other equines abroad to be slaughtered for human consumption, and it would ensure that horse slaughter plants on U.S. soil remain shuttered.”

HSUS urges everyone to call your U.S. representative today and ask them to support the SAFE Act.

Horses are counting on you to be their voice. Together we can shut down the slaughter pipeline.

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