The Top 10 Cities for Cats

Real estate website Movoto recently conducted a study to determine which U.S. cities were the best for cats. The winners had plenty of animal shelters, stores that sold pet supplies and veterinary offices per capita to cater to felines and their owners. Additionally, the study ranked towns that hosted cat events, featured consistently sunny weather and had fewer dogs adoptions. See if your city is perfect for your feline friend:

1. Tucson, Arizona
The No. 1 slot went to Tucson, as the city is filled with stores selling pet supplies, shelters and vet offices.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas has very few dog adoption options, lots of cat adoptions and is filled with pet supply shops.

3. Scottsdale, Arizona 
Bringing in another win for Arizona, Scottsdale actually had the most cat shelters per capita and had the second most sunny days a year.

4. Phoenix, Arizona
The Sun City is not only devoid of clouds, it’s full of shelters hosting cat adoptions.

5. Orlando, Florida
Cats will love this city as much as you, as it has the best pet supply store ranking in the study.

6. Tampa, Florida
With lots of veterinarian clinics, this town is great for your cat.

7. Saint Louis, Missouri
Saint Louis ranked No. 5 for best shops selling cat food and accessories.

8. Sacramento, California
With a few cat-themed events and plenty of feline shopping options, Sacramento is a great choice for your cat.

9. Jacksonville, Florida
This town ranks second for most cat-themed events.

10. Riverside, California
Last, but certainly not least, is Riverside, which is filled with pet supplies.

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