The Risk of Summer Heat for Pets

One of the greatest parts of summer is being able to take your pets outside to enjoy the weather. It's important to remember, though, that the heat can be dangerous for our pets. Since they can't tell us when it's time to cool down, it's up to us to make sure we keep them safe and comfortable. Read on to learn about a few common heat-related risks and how to prevent them.

Heat stroke
Heat stroke is the rising of body temperatures beyond normal levels and can cause organ malfunction and even death. According to the Houston Chronicle, symptoms include lethargy, labored breathing and an unresponsive demeanor. Be advised that heat stroke is most common among short-nosed pets, such as pugs. To prevent this, make sure that your pet is hydrated, shaded and not over-exerted this summer. Keep water with you whenever leaving home with your pet. and avoid leaving him in cars unattended.

Burnt paw pads
Burnt paw pads is  one of the most easily overlooked heat risks for pets. Pavement and asphalt can heat up to uncomfortable levels in the summer, posing a risk for any outdoor pets. As a general rule, if it's too hot for a human to walk upon pavement barefoot, then it's too hot to take your pet on it. Try waiting until the evenings to walk your pets or investing in a pair of dog or cat shoes.

Ear infections
For many pet owners, summertime means swimming. Despite being a great way to get exercise for your pet while spending some quality time together, swimming does poses a risk of ear infections. To prevent these, try getting an ear cleanser from your local pet store. Use it along with a dry rag or cotton balls to cleanse your pet's ears after a swim.

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