This Is Definitely The Most Interesting Thing You Will See Today. You’re Welcome.

We love our dogs, obviously. The attention they heap on us when we come home, the silly antics they get up to, even their loud snores on the couch next to us that make us turn the TV up. Most days, those moments you get to play fetch with them, or run around the park with them are the best moments of the day. No one could argue that. However, sometimes the responsibility can be a bit overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have someone who can take over walking the dog for those days you’re dead on your feet? Not those dog walkers off of Craigslist, but someone you know you can trust. Well, this duo might have found the perfect solution!

This dog and cat duo are out to shake things up. One simple act performed by the two of them reverses the natural order of the universe and forces everyone to question everything they know.

See for yourself!

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