The Gift of Mystique

Darlene was going through a hard time–both her mother and her beloved cat of 14 years had passed away from cancer within 6 weeks of each other. She was devastated and struggling to cope. Though her family insisted a new cat could help ease her pain, Darlene resisted.

Until she met Mystique, that is.

Read on to find out how this Cat of the Day renewed Darlene’s outlook on life.


Spring of 2008 was the worst time of my life; my mom who was my best friend passed away of Cancer; and my furry best friend and cat soul mate Pretty Boy (14 yrs)a beautiful blue eye tabby cross also passed away of cancer 6 week later. I was devastated; and becoming depressed; my kids and husband wanted to get me another cat; I said” NO; I am done I can’t go through losing another cat” ; (you see I grew up with cats and dogs all my life never been without a cat in the house).

3 weeks after Pretty Boy had gone to the rainbow bridge my husband called me at work and told me we are getting another cat tonight so start looking; I said no and he told me I had no choice in the matter he was worried about me and knew I needed a furry friend.

That afternoon I started looking at rescue sights on the web and came across a foster home of cats and kitten up for adoption. That evening we went to just take a look; I entered a room with 20 kittens running around; all I could think was how do you chose a kitten in this situation. I sat quietly on the floor and looked around; the next thing I knew this little tabby with grey eyes jumped up on my lap and meowed; it was like she was saying “ok, I am yours take me home” I looked up at my husband and he laughed, “I guess she is the one she has adopted you”; we signed the papers and away we went; she sat on my lap and purred all the way home; and since then has been my companion; meets me at the door in the evenings and comes when I call her; she has adopted my husband too and sleep between us every night; I am so glad he made me get another cat; my life is so fulfilled and a House is not Home without a Cat.

Cambridge, ON, Canada
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