The First Kitten Bowl

Although kitten videos are not a rare concept (it’s practically what the internet was created for) the idea for a Kitten Bowl is new and exciting. Hallmark Channel’s answer to the Puppy Bowl is the first annual Kitten Bowl! Claimed to be the “greatest feline showdown in cable television history,” the Kitten Bowl consists of playoffs that lead to an exciting championship match, complete with obstacle courses, toys, and adorable kittens.

Through the Hallmark Channel’s partnership with the North Shore Animal League America, each rescue kitten featured in the game is guaranteed their “fur-ever” home. The Kitten Bowl brings awareness to the struggle of shelter animals, increases the exposure of honorable rescue organizations, and of course, allows us to watch cute kittens playing. You can even get an inside look at their training efforts through this behind the scenes camera!

Check out the starting lineup here, and pick out your favorite player for the first Kitten Bowl!

Can the new Kitten Bowl beat this for cuteness?

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