The Cat Came Back…13 years Later!

Paula’s kids may know the all-time favorite song, “The Cat Came Back..the very next day” but they sure wouldn’t have believed it if we told them that their 17-year-old cat Shelby would be coming back 13 years later!

Missing for over a decade, Paula and her family were surprised to see a cat show up on their front doorstep who look a lot like their missing cat Shelby. Taking the stray who had matted fur and a bad case of lice to the veterinary, it was at that moment that Paula had an inkling that this cat could be their missing Shelby!

Digging up an old photo of Shelby in 2001, she compared it with the stray cat and low and behold, both cats had a distinct white marking on their face.

“To find a cat after such a long time and wondering what had happened to the cat, we all felt really emotional,” said Natalie Dorain of Bellarine Veterinary Practice.

Paula hopes their miracle will provide hope for all families who currently have missing pets and will someday be reunited again no matter how long it takes.

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