Riding In This Tesla Turns Into The Pawfect Rescue And Adoption Story

When this guy bought his Tesla, I’m pretty certain he didn’t expect this!

Imagine hearing kitten cries from the undercarriage of your car. There’s no way to get to the poor thing and you know it’s just a matter of time until something terrible is going to happen to this wee one. What would you do? Well, this guy acted fast!

As soon as the kitten was freed from underneath the car, this human knew she was meant to be his. The Animal Rescue Site is all about rescues and adoptions. That’s our thing! So, this story is pawfect! This baby was rescued and then adopted, and when you find out what her name is now, you will just about faint from cuteness!

YAY FOR RESCUES!!! And kittens. We can’t forget kittens! I love this story!

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