12-Year-Old Dog Was Abandoned In A Field With Her Belongings And A Note: “I Don’t Need A Dog”

A 12-year-old dog was found abandoned in a field in England all alone with all of her belongings next to her. She was tied up and wet, and of course she was also very confused. Luckily, employees at the South Yorkshire Pet Ambulance arrived to help the poor dog.

Once they arrived, they realized that the person who abandoned her there had left a note. The note explained that the man’s neighbor had given the dog, named Tessa, to him before she moved to Canada to start a new life. He reluctantly agreed, but quickly changed his mind, saying “I don’t need a dog.”

Inside Edition
Inside Edition

Thankfully Tessa was unharmed and healthy and will now be up for adoption. This time she’s looking for a family who will adopt her and never abandon her in her final years. She needs all the love she can get, and this sweet pup definitely deserves it!

Abandoning an animal is not the right thing to do. Instead, bringing the dog to a shelter would help the dog get a second chance and find a loving family who is better able to care for them. Luckily this dog is still getting her second chance!

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