Tiny Terriers Chase Away A Bear Who Broke Into Their Home

Deedee Mueller’s Pasadena, California home was the site of an alarming breaking and entering case recently. However, it wasn’t a human who broke into her home – it was a bear!

To be fair to the bear who broke in, they did not have to compromise the exterior of the house at all. Mueller left a door open in the kitchen and the bear just strolled right in.

The incident was caught on security footage, and luckily for this woman, her terriers (who are named Squirt and Mei Mei) decided that they were not going to let an intruder stay in their house.

Photo: YouTube/Deedee Mueller

As seen in the clip, the tiny terriers take on the task of chasing away the giant bear!

The bear, who could easily fight back, appears to be startled by the tiny dogs and runs out of the house.

Photo: YouTube/
Deedee Mueller

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Dede shared the clip on YouTube, saying, “Young bear visited our Pasadena hillside home and ventured into the house through open kitchen door. Our two small terriers Squirt and Mei Mei said NO.”

Photo: YouTube/
Deedee Mueller

These dogs deserve to get all of the treats. Whatever their little hearts desire, they shall have! At least, that’s how we would handle it if our dogs managed to save us from being eaten by a bear in our own homes.

Watch the video below:

According to their mama, this is not the first time that a bear has tried to visit their home. In most instances, the uninvited visitors will tend to stay outside. Hopefully, this bold bear went back and told all of their friends what would happen if they tried to mess with these crazy dogs!

You can follow the dogs and their mama on Instagram.

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