At 3:07, This Video Becomes Faint Worthy!

It might be rather cliché to start a sentence with “kids today,” but sometimes it’s necessary. Something kids today are missing out on that older generations still look back on wistfully is the much maligned “ball pit.” They used to be a staple in restaurants, arcades, and just about any place you would have a gathering of children. Sadly, most of them have been removed, denying parents the joy of seeing their kids swim through on of the most bizarrely fun “pools” ever invented. They were awesome. Dirty, but still awesome.

While we may not have massive public playpens anymore, there are still ways to enjoy watching your kids play around and bury themselves in molded plastic, provided your kids have four paws and a lot of fur!

This adorable group of cats get the best toy ever! Watch as they have a ball with a ball pit filled with…yes, balls. The little one can’t help himself. Just after the three minute mark, he gives in to the sleep bug in the cutest way possible. All that play is exhausting!

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