Teenager Stops A House Fire And Saves Two Dogs

You never know when you might run into a most unexpected situation, and at times, you have to make the decision if you will do the right thing or not.

When a student from the Seneca East local school system saw a house fire, he was able to prevent things from getting worse and save two dogs in the process.

The school system posted what happened on Facebook, saying that Drew Steinmetz was heading home with his younger sister from school when he saw smoke coming from the home.

Photo: Pixabay

He first dialed 911, and then he remembered some things that his father, a firefighter, had taught him.

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After investigating, he found that a woodshed beside the house was where the fire had started. He grabbed a garden hose but the fire was already large enough that it couldn’t be stopped with such a small amount of water.

Photo: flickr/Tim Sheerman-Chase

Rather than trying to put out the fire, he began spraying the surrounding area to contain it and keep it from spreading.

Photo: Facebook/Seneca East

When he circled around the shed, he found out that there were two dogs and kennels behind it. The homeowners and firefighters, which had now arrived on the scene, helped to move the dogs to safety and the fire was put out.

The fire department said that the house would likely have also caught fire if the young man had not thought quickly and acted bravely.

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