Teen Transforms Her Family’s Basement Into A No-Kill Animal Sanctuary

Those of us who have pets realize that they may be a lot of work, but the work is well worth it. There are some people who also take things to the next level and create a space for animals that wouldn’t otherwise have a place to live.

That is the case with Demi Merritt, a young woman who lives in Aurora, Colorado. She started something in her family’s basement so that she could take care of cats that needed assistance. It’s her own no-kill animal shelter, and she shows her industriousness every day in the things that she dies.

“Every kennel gets swept out every day: fresh food, freshwater.”

Demi runs an official nonprofit out of the home, which is legal because she only takes care of four cats at one time. Each of them gets all of the personal care and attention they need on a daily basis.

Photo: Youtube / Denver7

“Every cat has been tested for feline leukemia, FIV, vaccinated, spayed or neutered. All of them will have to have it done before they go into the play area.”

Although Demi would like to eventually do this for a living, it would require more space, employees and a lot more assistance. As of now, she is responsible for taking care of all of the needs of the felines that come under her care. She is also responsible for cleaning, socializing and even updating the website.

Photo: Youtube / Denver7

Even though Demi is only taking care of four cats at one time, she figures that she has already saved about 60 of those animals. It’s amazing what someone is able to accomplish when they really put their minds to it.

You can see more in this video:

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