Rescue Puppy Born Without Paws Was Adopted, And Now He’s Getting A Life-Changing Gift!

Teddy the Boston Terrier puppy was rescued and adopted by Barbara Bradley. Bradley has fostered many animals in her life, but when she saw Teddy, she knew she had to do more than just foster him.

She adopted Teddy when he was just ten weeks old, and now he is getting a life-changing gift. Teddy was born with no feet; he has stubs and no pad on his front paws. His front paws are starting to callous and cause him pain, so that’s when Bradley decided to do something to help him.

She just had him fitted for prosthetic paws at North Carolina State University. His new paws protect the bottom of his legs and help him do everyday things, like enjoy a walk outside. He’s a very energetic pup, and doesn’t even know there’s anything different about him.

Teddy was in once need of not only his front paws, but of a home. Now, he has both!

“I don’t think an animal is just an animal,” Bradley told ABC 6. “I think it’s got a life, it’s got a purpose and it deserves the best it can have.”

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