This Old Dog Was Left Behind On Every Adoption Day Until THIS HAPPENED!

When a dog enters a shelter, his or her chances of adoption often depend on several factors. Age and appearance being high up on that list. Sadly, for Teddy, he was passed over, time and time again for puppies.


Teddy was surrendered by his owners because they wanted to put him down, and the veterinarian knew he had a lot more life left to live. Sidewalk Specials saw his potential too. Sure, he was older. Sure, he was a bit underweight and in need of some medical treatment, but underneath all his “issues” was a loving dog, capable of finding a family to spend the rest of his days. Now they just had to find that perfect family.


But another adoption day would go by and there was Teddy, left behind. Until… Social media saved him! By sharing Teddy’s story and photo 389 times, that special someone saw Teddy and knew that this was her fur baby!


Now, Teddy is in his forever home, being a happy dog, enjoying life with his new mama and his new siblings. Teddy’s story is a reminder to us all, to never give up. To never throw in the towel… because you never know when something spectacular is out there waiting for you!

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