Top 5 Reasons #TeamCatMojo Rocks!

Jackson Galaxy’s knowledge and passion for felines is very well documented. He has pushed for understanding and patience with cats, as well as helping shelter cats, spreading awareness for amazing causes, and teaching us how to love our cats publicly and unabashedly. Not surprisingly, thousands jumped on board Jackson’s #TeamCatMojo to help spread the word about their love for not just their cats, but all cats everywhere! Sadly, not every cat lover is a part of #TeamCatMojo yet, so we compiled a few of the reasons why you should join up with this wonderful family!

1. They help prove that #RealMenLoveCats!

So much of pop culture has depicted the “manly man” with his canine companion. It’s classic. While we won’t take anything away from dogs, it’s time that we proved how much real men love cats!




Who doesn’t love some major fur therapy? It’s about time men stood up and declared how proud they are of their cats! After their naps of course.

2. #TeamCatMojo doesn’t have an age requirement!





Loving your cats takes a lot of practice, so it’s good to start young! Every kid can set an example to their friends and family and show them how to be the perfect cat companion. Don’t be afraid to get them involved! Of course, use common sense and have a responsible adult overseeing any young children around pets.

3. #TeamCatMojo Never Stops Giving Back!



Whether it’s adopting their own cats from shelters, helping homeless cats find safety , keeping sick cats from euthanasia, or helping cats in impoverished areas, #TeamCatMojo NEVER stops helping those in need. It is hard to find a more generous or dedicated group. Cats around the world are thankful for their efforts

Of course there are dozens of other ways we can all help cats and continue building on all the great work #TeamCatMojo has helped to start.

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