Puppy Born Without Eyes Due To “Bad Breeding Practice” Seeks Forever Home

Teacup is a happy and playful puppy who doesn’t realize she is different.

She was born without eyes due to irresponsible breeding practices, but she hasn’t let that stop her for living life to the fullest.

The miniature schnauzer/wheaten terrier mix weighs a mere 5 pounds and was bred to be a “toy dog”. But when her health started to fail shortly after birth the breeder surrendered her to Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, a dog rescue in Nashville, Tennessee.

She arrived as a four-week-old puppy who weighed just one pound.

Due to poor breeding, the little pup couldn’t suckle properly and was having a hard time feeding.

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue usually focuses on helping large working dogs find forever homes but couldn’t say no to the little fluff ball.

She was named Teacup, due to her size, and the rescue’s adoption coordinator, Nicole Butler, provided around-the-clock feedings and care to ensure she survived.

In a post, the rescue vented on how they “loathe” breeders who attempt to create “toy mixes”.

“They are breeding for a tiny size that is not safe or viable.”

Teacup suffered internal complications from the poor breeding as well.

“When we did her spay recently, her bladder and her uterus were adhered and her internal organs are not precisely where they should be. This is ALL because of bad breeding practice,” stated the rescue.

Teacup is now thriving – thanks to the rescue and her foster family – and ready to find her forever home. But there are a few requirements.

The adorable puppy will need a fenced yard to keep her safe and allow her to run and play. She loves kids, cats, and other small dogs (under 20 pounds) and need a playmate.

Since she is blind, she cannot live with large dogs that could unintentionally harm her. She will also need a home with “very few steps to get up and down in your house. She can’t manage them.”

Anyone who meets these requirements and is interested in adopting Teacup is asked to fill out an application and submit it to the rescue.

Butler, who is fostering the sweet pup who looks like a stuffed toy, said, “Teacup has never known anything other than being born without eyes and therefore blind so she has nothing to compare it to. She has so much joy in her heart that it is contagious! She is braver than she should be, happy always and truly the best little girl.”

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