Do You Think A Baby Can Teach A Puppy How To Howl?

So, babies and puppies are my weakness. (Kittens too! I would never leave those guys out.) If you put two of my weaknesses together, you get an EXPLOSION of cuteness that is just mind blowing.

Take this video for instance. A tiny human, and her dad, are teaching their dog how to howl. The results are just phenomenal! It’s like cuteness dynamite igniting smiles all over the world. POW! You’re smiling, and you’re smiling and yup, you’re smiling too! Don’t believe me? Share this with your friends or tag your friends. Then ask them if they smiled. I can betcha they did. A whole lot.

Growing up with a dog is the BEST! I think it should be required, in most cases.

If this video made you smile, then so will this one! It’s all about puppies and here at the Animal Rescue Site, we are all about them too! Ahhh, that smell, those cute fluffy faces. I am crazy for them. I just wish they didn’t have to grow up so fast. Sigh. Click here to watch an amazing puppy video that you’re sure to adore!

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