Taylor Swift Cancels Horse Racing Concert Following Criticism From Animal Rights Activists

Scheduled to perform at the 2019 Melbourne Cup, pop princess Taylor Swift has canceled the planned performance after animal rights activists accused her of “endorsing animal abuse.”

Fox News reported, “The controversial horse racing event in Australia announced the Grammy winner, 29, would be headlining in early September but revealed on Saturday she pulled out. Six horses have died while racing in the Melbourne Cup, including an Irish racehorse that was euthanized on the racetrack last year after breaking its shoulder.”

Mushroom Events, which organizes the Melbourne Cup, gave a statement that claimed changes in Swift’s “Asian promo schedule” accounted for the cancelation. “Regrettably, Taylor is no longer able to make it to this year’s Melbourne Cup. Changes to her Asian promo schedule have made it logistically impossible for her to be here. To all of Taylor’s fans, we hope to see Taylor in Australia in 2020,” Michael Gudinski said.


CEO of Victoria Racing Club (VRC), Neil Wilson, stated that Swift’s cancelation is “disappointing.”

“The VRC has learned that Taylor Swift is now unable to make the trip to Australia and therefore cannot be with us on Melbourne Cup Day. Obviously, this is disappointing for everyone. We understand how important the pre-Cup entertainment is and we look forward to providing an update shortly,” Wilson said.

Taylor Swift has yet to give a statement on the matter.

Not long after the Melbourne Cup announced that Swift was set to perform, the animal rights group, Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses, was quick to launch their petition, asking for people to “sign and share” in order for her to cancel her performance.

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In their petition the group wrote:

“It seems Taylor Swift is either completely unaware of the cruel reality of horse racing or she has put money before compassion by agreeing to perform at the 2019 Melbourne Cup. This is an event where at least 6 horses have been KILLED over the past 6 years. With such huge success already, she could easily afford to not only say NO, but use the opportunity to help the horses by speaking up against animal cruelty. The day is becoming widely regarded as a national disgrace, with #NupToTheCup last year trending all day on Twitter. One horse is killed on Australian racetracks every three days. Thousands who are fortunate enough to survive being beaten with a whip and pushed well beyond their limits on the track are slaughtered when no longer profitable. Many don’t even make it to the track, killed as foals for simply not having the desired attributes. Taylor Swift is endorsing animal abuse by performing at this event where horses are being killed for gambling profits and entertainment. If she cares at all about other animals the way she appears to care about cats, she will cancel her show and use her voice to make a strong statement that animal abuse is unacceptable and say #NupToTheCup.”

Once the news broke that Swift had canceled her appearance, the Coalition praised her decision on Saturday in a Facebook post.

“THANK YOU TAYLOR! We are absolutely delighted with the news. The pressure on Taylor Swift to cancel her performance was significant. Her fans did not want to see her supporting animal abuse. Whilst the reason being used by the racing industry is a scheduling mix up, it appears to us that she has responded to those calls. We will be keeping a close eye out for whether another artist is announced to perform at the day, which is widely becoming known as a national disgrace. No one should be supporting this event which depends on the abuse and suffering of horses,” the post wrote.

Seems like their petition worked.

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