Hungry Pup Thanks The Woman Who Feeds Him By Bringing Her A Gift Each Time

There is a sad reality in Thailand when it comes to homeless dogs. There’s just too many of them. And, sadly, not enough homes for these deserving pups. But there are still dog lovers, and luckily, people like Orawan Kaewla-iat.

Helping animals does the heart good… and that is usually reward enough BUT there is one pup that wants to give a little more. A sort of reward to his favorite human for helping him survive. Each time he comes for a meal, he brings Orawan a present.

Tau Plu is a young dog with a giving spirit. He comes to Orawan to be fed, with his mother. Each time he has something in his mouth to give to his caretaker to say “thank you.” In the video below, you will see as he presents Orawan with a leaf in exchange for a bowl of food.

Tau Plu, although “just” a dog, understands how important Orawan is in his life. She is why he is surviving. And instead of a tail wag, which would be enough for Orawan, he brings her a token to make sure she understands how grateful he truly is.

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Meet Tau Plu in the video below! And see what present he brings this time to his favorite human 🙂

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