Cat With Wobbly Front Legs Falls In Love With Furry New Friend

When Tater Tot was born, the deformities in his front legs were so severe a veterinarian recommended euthanizing him.

Thankfully someone had a better idea.

Jacqueline DeAmor, co-founder of Friends for Life Rescue Network, took Tater Tot in and saved his life.

Source: Instagram/totallytater
Tater Tot suffers from radial hypoplasia, which makes it hard for him to use her front legs.

“He was diagnosed with radial hypoplasia, which is when the radial bones in the forelimbs are too short. In some severe cases, this is known as ‘twisted legs syndrome,'” DeAmor told Love Meow.

It doesn’t hold Tater Tot back from anything, and the little kitten is quite as vocal as any other. He’s even got a few extra toes to help him along!

Source: Instagram/totallytater
Without the help of a foster human, TaterTot would have been euthanized.

Tater Tot is also a polydactyl cat, which means he’s got more digits than most cats.

Still, he needs help.

“He is a very needy kitty who screams 24/7 for attention and food,” DeAmor said. “The second you stop petting him, he cries.”

Source: Instagram/totallytater
Tater Tot is growing up fast!

Tater Tot isn’t DeAmor’s only cat. She’s also been fostering a cat named Wolfie, who immediately became curious when he heard strange cries the day Tater Tot was brought home.

“They took to each other pretty much immediately. Wolfie gave him the standard sniff test and Tater loved having a friend,” DeAmor said.

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This is my hungry scream before I was weaned.

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Ever since, Tater Tot has not left Wolfie’s side. The two are inseparable.

“Tater loves other cats (especially Wolfie) and starts purring right away. He loves to be snuggled and his chin rubbed,” DeAmor said. “He makes biscuits with his paws while he walks. He’s a total purr machine.”

Without DeAmor’s help, neither Tater Tot nor Wolfie would have ever made it. Wolfie was also once scheduled for euthanasia, but the compassionate care of a foster human has ensured him a much happier life, filled with new friends.

Being a foster parent, DeAmor wasn’t prepared to keep Tater Tot forever. Wolfie and Tater Tot were able to spend a few wonderful weeks together, becoming best friends and even sharing toys. But, eventually Tater Tot was adopted out to a new home.

Tater Tot’s new brother, Roo, also has radial hypoplasia. And like Wolfie, Roo has had no problem becoming best friends with Tater Tot.

Watch Wolfie and Tater Tot in the video below!

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