Therapy Dog Retires After 8 Years Of Serving Medical Patients

Therapy dogs are such wonderful animals, and they are responsible for bringing a lot of joy and smiles to the people they visit.

For one adorable dog, Tassy, she spent years cheering up both patients and employees alike.

But then the time came for the 12-year-old pooch to retire from her volunteer service act Doctors Medical Center in Modesto, California.

Photo: Facebook/Doctors Medical Center

Tassy’s owner, Geri Azevedo, felt it was time for the old pooch to retire and leave the place where she’d been bringing so much joy and happiness for the past eight years.

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When it finally came time for Tassy to retire, she was given quite the send-off – including a “Code Sun” celebratory walk, and it was shared on the facility’s Facebook page.

Photo: Facebook/Doctors Medical Center

Tassy wasn’t leaving her patients empty-handed though. The elderly pup was succeeded by Bria, the hospital’s current therapy dog.

In the video they shared, they said, “During a ‘Code Sun’ walk at Doctors Medical Center, employees line the hallways to cheer and clap. This is our way of celebrating the discharge of a patient who has spent more than 30 days in the hospital or a patient who successfully fought through a grueling illness or treatment. We also use these walks as celebrations for other purposes, like thanking Tassy and Geri for their invaluable service to our hospital. We will miss Tassy but we wish her all the snuggles and treats in her retirement.”

Photo: Facebook/Doctors Medical Center

Hopefully Tassy will enjoy her retirement to the fullest!

Watch the heartwarming video below:

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