Target Is Selling Holiday Cat Scratchers To Get Your Pet Into The Christmas Spirit

It’s almost time to put away the mini haunted house you got your pet from Target because the retail chain is about to release a set of holiday cat scratchers that are absolutely adorable.

Target’s Wondershop released a set of holiday-themed cat scratchers last year, but they have upped their game in 2019 with a Ski Chalet Cat Scratcher and RV Cat Scratcher.

The ski chalet has two separate floors so that they can kick back in the house with their very own windows or get a tan on the rooftop deck. The holiday design includes wreaths, skis, snowflakes, and a chimney on the exterior.

The RV cat scratcher is only one level but it features colorful string lights along the top. (In our opinion, the RV is wayyyyy cuter)

Photo: Target

“The Ski Chalet Cat Scratcher has all the charm of a cabin in the alps, but it’s made with feline comfort in mind,” the description says. “Inside the secluded cabin your cat can peek at the world through the window or stretch her claws on the built-in scratchpad.”

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The cat scratchers will be available by Nov. 3rd, according to Best Products, but you can purchase them online now and have them delivered just in time for the snow to fall.

Photo: Target

Seeing how much of a hit the mini haunted house was, we have a strong feeling these are going to sell out quickly.

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