Tapping into Your Cat’s Body Language

Does your cat have a special way of communicating with you? Anthrozoologist John Bradshaw wrote a piece in the Washington Post revealing some insight into cat behavior. In his study of the animal, Bradshaw found that an upright tail was the way cats communicated that it was fine to approach one another. Additionally, the body language cue can also be extended to human interactions.

"While touch is very important, the upright tail is probably the clearest way cats show their affection for us," Bradshaw explained. "A cat approaching its owner with a raised tail will often rub on its owner's legs."

The standing tail signal is often followed by some form of rubbing from the cat's head, body or rear.

According to the Humane Society, there are many other cues your cat gives off. An arched back is a sign it's enjoying the contact. Alert ears are an indication of interest, and kneading is a sign of true happiness.

Additionally, you can study your cat's various meows. However, take other body language signals into consideration when trying to figure out its mood. A meow can be a greeting, an objection or a direct order.

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