Stray Dog Hiding In Pipes Wouldn’t Stop Growling. Once He Was Rescued, His Whole Demeanor Changed

For months, a stray pit bull was seen wandering the fields of an oil refinery. People had tried to go near him, but whenever someone approached, he would run off and hide in the pipes.

Once he went into hiding, it was almost impossible to find him since there were so many pipes. People finally called up Hope For Paws to get help in rescuing him. When rescuers arrived, they couldn’t see where the pit bull was, but they heard him growling.

They didn’t want him running out of the pipe, so they had to be quiet and calm. They made a long pole so they could reach him from one end, then close the other end using the trap. The dog stayed in the pole barking until he finally went into the crate. He continued to bark and growl at rescuers because he was so frightened.

Because of where he was rescued from, they decided to name him Tank. They carried the crate to their car and brought him to the hospital. When they got there, he was wagging his tail. It was obvious that he finally realized that these people were here to help him, not hurt him. It’s like he transformed into a whole different dog!

He was very friendly and affectionate and let everyone hug and pet him. They promised Tank that he’d never be homeless ever again. After receiving medical care, Tank went to his foster home. If you’re interested in adopting Tank, please visit

Watch his rescue in the video below:

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