Cat Is Thwarted From Destroying Christmas Ornaments By Mom’s Brilliant Tangerine “Force Field”

Victor is a gorgeous cat who tends to get into mischief. However, there’s one thing that stops his shenanigans immediately: a tangerine!

It may seem bizarre, but cats have a very strong sense of smell. In fact, it’s about 14 times stronger than a human’s sense of smell.

While some cats can tolerate citrus smells like lemon and orange, for many cats, the scent is too strong and they want to stay away from it.

Photo: Instagram/irezza_pezz

When Victor’s owner, Irene Olocco, discovered Victor’s distaste for tangerines when he was a kitten, she was surprised.

“We were together on the couch, I grabbed a tangerine and, as I began to peel it, he hissed and ran away,” Olocco told The Dodo.

Photo: Instagram/fluffypawsfamily

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She tried an experiment to see if they would discourage him from going places he wasn’t allowed.

“I began to put oranges or tangerines on the furniture where I didn’t want him to climb on and it worked,” Olocco said.

Photo: Instagram/fluffypawsfamily

Victor has a naughty streak, and one of his favorite things to do during the holidays is destroy his mom’s Christmas tree. The shiny balls! The branches! The baubles! How could he possibly have the self-control to stay away?

For the first couple years of his life, Victor would steal Christmas balls off of the tree and obliterate any decorations he could get his paws on.

Photo: Instagram/irezza_pezz

“I was sick of yelling at him to not touch the balls,” Olocco said. “In the middle of the morning I decided to eat a tangerine and the brilliant idea struck … It worked immediately!”

Her brilliant idea was a tangerine force field!

Photo: Instagram/fluffypawsfamily

She arranged the citrus fruit in a ring around the Christmas tree and Victor didn’t dare to come closer.

Her idea worked!

Now Victor will never reach its branches again, and Christmas is saved for Olecco.

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