Touching Short Film Shows The Role Dogs Play In Human Lives

It’s no secret that dogs play a large role in our lives. Not only do they act as our companions, but they can serve us through search and rescue, therapy, and more.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the world shut down and more and more people turned to dogs for comfort. Shelters began to empty as people found more time on their hands and a new work-from-home setup.

Through all of the time we couldn’t socialize with other people, our dogs were there to provide us comfort and help us keep some peace of mind.

Photo: Vimeo/Big Shins

One filmmaker from Brooklyn, Matt Cascella of Big Shins, was doing interviews for a new project when he started asking people about their dogs.

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According to Director Notes, the responses he got were “spontenous” and “genuine.”

Photo: Vimeo/Big Shins

He realized he could piece together a heartwarming short film on the role that dogs play in human lives.

The short film, Dog Talk, covers a series of phone conversations with dog owners, and it gives insight into the fact that we need dogs as much as they need us.

Photo: Vimeo/Big Shins

We’re both social animals, and, especially during the lockdown, having someone – even of a different species – to lean on was invaluable.

Watch the moving short film below:

Talking Dog from Big Shins on Vimeo.

What role do dogs play in your life? Let us know!

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