Months Of Work Pays Off When Frightened Puppies Begin To Trust People Again

It’s perfectly natural for people to form a bond with puppies. They are adorable, but not all puppies get a good start in life.

That was, unfortunately, true for a litter of puppies in Greece. They were found abandoned on a mountain trail and taken to Takis Shelter.

Photo: YouTube/Takis Shelter

The shelter shared on YouTube that these puppies were frightened of humans. Nobody was able to go near them or touch them, but they really needed help.

The puppies needed medication because they were covered with fleas. They also needed someone who could show them the TLC necessary to help them form a bond with their human rescuers.

Photo: YouTube/Takis Shelter

At first, Takis thought the puppies would relax after a few days but even weeks after the rescue, they were still frightened. People couldn’t get close to the dogs without them panicking, making it very difficult to continue to provide them with the needed care.

Volunteers worked along with the Takis shelter for months. It was a slow process, but eventually, people could get close to the puppies and pet them.

Photo: YouTube/Takis Shelter

It was difficult to see the puppies so traumatized by their early life that they couldn’t trust any humans. With a lot of work and patience, they began to turn the corner.

Eventually, the puppies were sent to foster homes, and things began improving. They spent some time in loving homes with humans and were socialized.

Soon after, all the puppies were doing well and could be adopted to forever homes.

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