Dog Tied To A Tree For 5 Years Gets A Chance At Freedom

Laura was on her way to school when she noticed an American Akita tied to a tree in a yard. Being an avid dog lover, she had to stop and say hi, and the dog, Takia, was so excited to see her.

It was clear that Takia wasn’t getting much attention since she was eager for love and also covered in mud. So, Laura decided to check back on her the next day.

According to The Dodo, when Laura stopped by the following day, Takia didn’t have any visible food. Knowing she couldn’t leave the dog being neglected like that, Laura called animal control and discovered that the dog had actually been chained to the tree for over four years.

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

Takia’s owner didn’t want to give her attention or meet her needs, but he also didn’t want to surrender her. Animal control didn’t have a strong case against the owner, so there wasn’t much they could do.

Knowing how lonely Takia was out by the tree all alone, Laura decided to stop by and say hi to the sweet dog on her way to school every day.

Photo: flickr/Marc Latremouille

Day in and day out for an entire year, Takia was outside in the yard, chained to the tree. Someone was feeding her occasionally, but she wasn’t getting any other attention or care.

Laura would occasionally bring dog toys or a little treat for Takia, who eagerly accepted them. But sadly, summer break came and Laura had to leave for over a month.

Of course, she never forgot about Takia and as soon as she was back in town, she went to check on the sweet dog and found she’d developed a terrible ear infection. It was so bad that Laura made the decision to call animal control once again – and this time, they made the owner surrender the dog.

Photo: Facebook/The Dodo

The state that Takia was in due to the infection was so bad that animal control made the owner turn her over, and they immediately offered her to Laura.

It’d been a long five years that Takia was neglected and tied to a tree, but now she’s living her best life with Laura! Check out some of their photos below:

Laura goes out of her way to do new things with Takia since she spent her life so restrained on the end of a short rope.

They go hiking and do a lot of activities outdoors. Laura says she’s the biggest love. While she can never get that time back that she spent tied to the tree, it’s nice to know she’ll never suffer like that again.

Watch the video below, courtesy of The Dodo:

You can follow Takia in his new life on Instagram, @takiatheakita.

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