Shelter Puppies Named After Taco Bell Menu Items Are Searching For Forever Homes

There are millions of dogs and cats looking for forever homes in shelters across the country. To stand out from the crowd, some are given unique names to draw in potential adopters.

Ally and Steven Young opened their hearts and home to foster a dog that was on the kill list at an Oklahoma shelter. The couple thought the dog was a male terrier but realized it was actually a female, which appeared pregnant.

Photos: Facebook/Ally Turley Young

Their suspicions proved correct when the female dog they called, “Taco Belle” gave birth to nine puppies. The couple decided to stick with the Taco Bell theme and named each puppy after a menu item.

What do you get when you combine adoptable shelter puppies and a love of tacos? These adorable faces that are in need of forever homes.

Photos: Facebook/Ally Turley Young

Ally posted, “Sadly one of the little pups didn’t make it, but the other taquitos are now ready to find their furever homes. So if you know a family looking for a spoiled puppy please send them this way! (We also found out that a litter can have multiple dads – and we have quite the range.)”

Photos: Facebook/Ally Turley Young

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All the puppies are believed to be Wirehaired Fox Terrier Mix. Chalupa, Cinnamon Twist, Quesarito and Fiesta Potato have been adopted, but Gordita, Bellegrande, Crunchwrap Supreme, and Dorito Loco are searching for loving homes. They are located in Oklahoma and you can apply through Country Roads Animal Rescue.

Photos: Facebook/Ally Turley Young

The food-themed names worked. People cannot get enough of the adorable puppies and names. One person commented, “I’ve never wanted a chalupa more.” Another said, “OMG the names! I need the whole menu!”

Photos: Facebook/Ally Turley Young

Even if you are not a fan of Taco Bell food, how can you resist these adorable puppies. Remember to adopt not shop! Visit your local shelter to find your best friend or foster to help save a life. Thank you to all the adopters and fosters out there.

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