New Camera App Uses Artificial Intelligence To Tell How Your Cat Is Feeling

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how your cat is feeling at times? They can come across as indifferent, but cat owners know that nothing is further from the truth.

Like any animal, cats have real feelings, despite the attitude and aloofness they may express. It can be hard to determine what those feelings are, but now we no longer have to guess.

There’s a new camera app called Tably that uses artificial intelligence to determine how your cat is feeling. Pretty cool, right?

Photo: Unsplash/Jeanie de Klerk

“Enjoy less guessing and more healthy years together with Tably. It takes the worry out of cat care thanks to our AI-based Remote Patient Monitoring. Tably actively monitors your cat’s health, painlessly and remotely,” the description says.

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The app primarily works using a “Feline Grimace Scale” which can read mood and health based on subtle facial cues that cats possess.

Photo: Unsplash/Daria Shatova

Not only does it allow cat owners to keep an eye on their cats’ mood and health (both in-person and remotely), but they can then share that information with the cats’ veterinarians.

According to the website, “It’s useful after a procedure, to make health-related decisions or just keep an eye on your furry friends day-to-day.”

Photo: Unsplash/Erik-Jan Leusink

Tably comes with options for both cat owners and clinics or veterinarians so a cat’s health and mood data can be accessible to those who need it most.

The app is currently in beta phase testing and can be downloaded here.

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