Battered Dog Found Hiding On A Porch Can’t Get Enough Hugs And Cuddles

A poor dog in St.Louis Missouri was found cowering on a porch of a kind woman. The pup was covered in bruises and scars, but her suffering wouldn’t last forever.

When Stray Rescue of St.Louis heard about the dog, they immediately sent rescuers out to investigate.

They found the pup, who they named Tabea, curled into a tight ball on the woman’s porch. She’d offered the dog food and a blanket to lay on, but the dog needed help beyond that. No one is sure what happened to the dog before wandering onto the porch, but based on her condition, it wasn’t good.

Photo: YouTube/Stray Rescue of St.Louis Official
Photo: flickr/Janny McKinnon

The rescue shared in the video below that Tabea was covered in “strange scars and battered with cuts and bruises.” They couldn’t figure out what had happened to her, but they knew she wouldn’t have to live like that any longer.

Tabea was very reserved at first, but a rescuer was able to get a leash around her neck and gently lead her to a truck for transportation to a rescue.

Watch her rescue video below:

The very next day, Tabea was well on her way to healing. She was surrounded by love, which she seemed to crave!

The rescue shared a video of her just one day after being found on the porch and all she wanted to do was be hugged. She sat in a yard, and instead of running around or playing, she cuddled up on her rescuer’s lap and enjoyed being pet and scratched and coddled – probably something she’d never experienced before.

Photo: YouTube/Stray Rescue of St.Louis Official

Every dog deserves to be loved and have a home to call his or her own. We’re so happy to know that Tabea has found her way off the streets and into a happily ever after.

Watch the sweet video below:

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