Rescued Pit Bull Is Smashing The Stereotype

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Swindle, a very handsome Pit Bull, was rescued along with his siblings. They were in rough shape 🙁 People all around Swindle immediately noticed how calm he was. So, his rescuers had a great idea. Swindle would use his magical doggy powers to help others and boy does he love it! He is now a certified therapy dog, using his calming energy to help others.

Therapy dogs do some amazing things for many people. There are therapy dogs for PTSD, autism, and many medical conditions that are tricky to treat with conventional medication. Therapy dogs are doing things for people that doctors can’t even explain! So, if you see a therapy dog, give him an extra smile because he’s doing so much good in the world. 😀

Random Animal Fact: A German Shepherd guide dog led her blind companion the entire 2100 mile Appalachian Trail. Now, that’s some seriously cool stuff!

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Julie Hunt Julie resides in Northern New Jersey with her two kids, two dogs, cat and partner. She has two published books which make excellent trivets if you aren't a fan of poetry. She tolerates people but LOVES animals. If she isn't blogging, she's most likely cuddling with her pups, Paisley and Skyler.
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