Sweet Lab Mix Looking For Forever Home After Dad’s Deployment

A two-year-old Labrador/shepherd mix was surrendered to Carolina Animal Rescue & Adoption in Sanford, North Carolina, after her dad found out he was being deployed again.

The military man adopted sweet Bella two years ago and since then has been deployed several times. Before leaving for his current post, he decided to do what was best for Bella, and that was to find her a loving home and stability.

Photo: Facebook/Carolina Animal Rescue & Adoption

It was a difficult choice, but the right one for his beloved dog.

The shelter took to Facebook to share Bella’s story and find her a forever home. The heartbreaking post read, “My name is Bellatrix – my dad rescued me 2 years ago from another local rescue. Unfortunately he is being deployed. Sadly he had just returned from another deployment so I’ve been missing him so much.”

People reached out to the rescue to ask if it was possible for someone to foster Bella until her dad returned, but that will not work. They state, “Bella is not able to return to her dad even if someone fostered. She is looking for a permanent home. Thank you for all the resources suggested. He did consider them prior to surrendering, but his schedule is too erratic/unpredictable moving forward. He wants her to have stability.”

Bella is shy at first but does get along with other dogs and cats. She enjoys long walks and car rides. Her ideal home would have a fenced backyard where she can run and play. She loves people of all ages and hopes to find a new home soon.

Photo: Facebook/Carolina Animal Rescue & Adoption

Her dad said she is an “amazing girl” and shared, “If I am indoors I am quiet, housebroken, like my crate and my dog bed, and if I’m outside I am a playful girl. He jokes that I am not a very good guard dog because I am such a quiet girly. He also says I move throughout the house like a ninja but he knows where I am because he can hear my little nails clicking on the floor.”

The post ends with Bella making two requests, “Please help me find a home, and wish my dad safety.”

Anyone interested in adopting the adorable pup can find out more here.

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