Life Threatening? Pffft, Try Life Saving! A Pit Bull Strikes Again!

Get ready for a story that will make your heart soar (HIGH IN THE SKY)! A rescued Pittie, named Sweet Dee, is being hailed a superhero all thanks to her super smarts and super pittie powers. Her human papa was not feeling well at all. He suffers from a heart condition, and while having an episode, tried to get in touch with his doctor. While in the midst of texting, Sweet Dee’s human passed out! OH NO! Can you imagine how scary this must have been for Sweet Dee (and her human, of course!)?

Well, instead of cowering down, Sweet Dee sprang into action! Her super pittie powers told her to alert her human mama, who was asleep in the back bedroom. All thanks to Sweet Dee, 911 was called and help came quickly! HOORAY!

Sweet Dee’s human spent two days in a medically induced coma. But he is now home, on the mend. His recovery is all thanks to his beloved rescued Pit Bull and their wonderful relationship.
Aren’t dogs amazing?

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