Swan And Her Lifelong Mate Reunite After She Was Shot In The Head

You don’t have to love birds to love swans. They are beautiful and elegant and it seems as if they can capture your heart, just by watching them. Swans are also interesting in that they mate in the winter and lay their eggs in April, and stay by the nest for up to 45 days while they incubate.

They also share duties. The female takes care of the eggs and the male keeps an eye out for predators and intruders. They do a good job of it, but one species that seems to be the biggest problem are humans.

A swan rehabilitation center, Swan Support, reported some sad news. They take care of injured swans and those that are ill in the Thames Valley of South East England. Unfortunately, they noticed that some swans were being attacked cruelly near West Berkshire during the coronavirus lockdown.

Swan Support reported that one swan was shot while investing near Berkshire, England.

It seems as if five swans were shot with an air rifle recently. One was shot in the head while she was watching over her unhatched eggs.

Photo: Twitter/Swan_Support

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The rescue saw what happened and they took her eggs to the Swan Support center.

Photo: Twitter/Swan_Support

An 8 mm ball had to be removed from the Swan.

Photo: Twitter/Swan_Support

Fortunately, the Swan was able to make a full recovery but five other swans passed away from the attacks.

Photo: Twitter/Swan_Support

The rescue recently posted a video showing the Swan being reunited with her mate. Swans mate for life, which made this even more touching.

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